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Project Management

Through cumulative expertise in project & campaign management, we launch numerous promo campaigns, live events and online events every year. Companies can leverage our expertise and talent to achieve successful execution and boost reach. Get a deeper insight under CASE STUDIES


Through us, companies have the chance to get directly in touch with the creators and esporters and to implement their individual needs. We know the preferences and target groups of our talents in detail and guarantee authentic and innovative integration into their social channels. You have a specific idea of what you want for your brand, we have the right talent to achieve your goals. With experience and know-how, we will find the right transmitter of your message to a young and dynamic target group. 


Many have good products, an interesting service or a terrific success to show, but how does it reach the masses? Often more important: how do you reach the customers of tomorrow? We know that exciting storytelling is the key to success and we know what tools are needed to achieve the desired goal.  With experienced and studied colleagues from journalism and media management, as well as our talents, we actively support you in matters of public relations and external communication. 


With exciting ideas and innovative marketing possibilities, we create unique campaigns that our partners feel in the long term. Reaching Gen Z and the authentic emotionalization for the respective brand is our top priority! We deliver the ideas of tomorrow, for the customers of tomorrow and are thus always in tune with the times. 

Career Planning

The basis for a successful cooperation is reliability, professionalism, trust and passion. We advise the talents in all career-related questions and support the professional development of the player and talents. We develop strategies, concepts and campaigns to position each talent individually and as a personality.


We identify suitable partners and develop customized and individual marketing concepts. We accompany the campaign from contract negotiations to implementation and reporting. Our goal is long-term partnerships. When selecting partners, we pay attention to sustainability, credibility and also reach that matches the personality of the talents.

PR & Social Media

We advise and support in terms of public image and content for social media activities, interviews or public events. The planning of content is just as important as the high-quality content itself.


Coaching is more and more playing an increasingly important role. It does not matter whether it is about sportive or personal development. For us, coaching means cohesion and trust in a wide variety of areas in order to push our talents to the limit. Important aspects include for example dealing with the media, progress in one's own gameplay, general public appearance, dealing with pressure situations, but also the mental area plays an important role. We are all true players!